You were created by the Creator to create!

ReThink Creativity Conference




Michele Okimura


Michele is currently serving as Executive Director of the non-profit organization, Releasing Generations that is made up of three branches. Michele often refers to these three as the Three Pearls that God has called Releasing Generations to serve the Body of Christ with.


            KINGDOM KIDS​


Kingdom Kids seeks to raise up children and youth in intergenerational ministry alongside adults. Equipping and resources are provided for parents and church leaders to help establish the younger saints in their identity in Christ and create a Kingdom culture in their homes and churches that include children and youth as ministers now. There is no Jr. Holy Spirit!






Explicit Movement is currently the most well-known pearl since its birth in 2014 and due to its global reach. Explicit movement equips youth, young adults, parents, and church leaders to navigate the topics of sex and sexuality with grace and truth, restoring God’s original design and the identity He wants us all to have. Our identity in Christ includes our sexual identity established in Him and His ways. We provide faith-based, relevant resources to especially empower parents and church leaders to have conversations on these topics with confidence so they can help young people avoid damaging experiences and instead, help them to have healthy, thriving relationships in God’s timing and design. 





Seeing people activated and living out their God-given creativity has been a passion for Michele for decades. The Lord unexpectedly resurrected this passion and focus in 2018, directing Michele to hold a creativity event in 2020. He specifically told her to not call it a Creative Arts Conference, but instead name it a Creativity Conference because He wanted to activate every person in their unique expressions of creativity. God also wants to partner with each person, giving them access to His unlimited creativity so His glory can be seen on earth. This ministry seeks to establish every person as Creative in God – a true facet of their identity in Christ! 

The Birth of ReThink Creativity



In 2010 and 2011, I was inspired to create and put together Renaissance: a Creative Arts Conference for the Body of Christ on Oahu, Hawaii. It ended up being a source of fun, inspiration, equipping, and creativity for approximately 400 people. It was my great joy to feature local speakers and mentors who joined forces among many churches and denominations.


After 2011, I focused on local church ministry as I oversaw the Children’s and Youth Ministry at Lifespring Church. Explicit Movement was born in 2014 and I devoted almost all my energies to building this start-up non-profit organization. Renaissance was a fond memory for me, and I believed I would never do it again due to my current calling.


In 2018, I experienced some unusual, surprising situations that related to Renaissance. Throughout that year alone, I experienced a string of chance meetings in public places with a few past Renaissance attendees. In these random conversations, each person asked me, “Michele, when are you going to do another Renaissance conference?” I would tell them that I would never do it again, although I really loved it!


In 2018, my husband Rob also randomly blurted out a few times throughout that year, “You should do Renaissance again!”


My reply would always be, “I would love to, but NO WAY! I have no time to do ANOTHER thing!”


By the end of 2018, I realized that the subject of Renaissance had come up several times. After inquiring with God about it, I clearly heard Him speak, “Michele, I am going to let you have some fun! Do a Creativity Conference in 2020!”


I wrestled with God as there was much hesitation and resistance within me due to my weight of responsibilities with Explicit Movement! I then relented in obedience and said my yes to God. Here we go! Jumping off the cliff with God again!


The following 2 weeks were filled with amazing, even supernatural occurrences that all pointed to doing the creativity event in 2020! For example, one of them involved a church member, Terry. On a Saturday night, the Lord spoke to me, “Tomorrow in church, tell Terry Arista about how I want to resurrect Renaissance – the creativity event.”


So, the next day after Sunday church service, I asked Terry, “Hey Terry, remember I did Renaissance like 8 years ago? What do you think if I did it again?”


Terry started to laugh and explained, “Michele, last night during my time with God, He was repeating a word to me over and over, “Renaissance, renaissance, renaissance…” I thought that was so weird! Yet you are asking me this question! So, in light of God speaking to me last night, yes! You should do it!”


Needless to say, I knew without a doubt that God wanted her to do the creativity conference in 2020. God amazingly put together a core team and planning took place from the beginning of 2019.


Then Covid-19 hit! The conference was to be an in person event…so now what? I was completely against making it an online conference, since I felt that attendees needed to experience what an in-person conference could deliver (and I am technically challenged). Many people asked me if the conference was going to change to be online, and my answer was always, “No.”


Then in early May 2020, the Lord spoke to me suddenly while I was in a meeting saying, “Michele, you are telling people that the conference will not go online. You never asked me what I thought. Don’t just rely on what you think is best!”


Yikes! I felt so bad that it never occurred to me to ask God! I apologized to the Lord and told Him to show me what He thinks is best! He whispered, “Go online.” I asked him to confirm it and in the following few days, He surely did through a series of divine conversations with key people.


About a month later, through several conversations, we decided to name our first online conference What If Creativity Conference.


Our first conference in September 2020 went great. Interest continued to grow, and ReThink Creativity was birthed!


Thus, the humble beginning of this God dream and vision – a walk of obedience and faith into the great unknown! May He have His wonderful way in all things…and may the wonder of His creativity be celebrated and on display through each person who becomes a part of this experience!


Michele also served as Associate Pastor at Lifespring Church from 1997-2020. Previous to her role as a pastor, she worked for 17 years as a public-school elementary teacher. 


Michele loves to strengthen families, to equip adults, and to raise up the next generation as passionate lovers of Jesus. Her desire is to see all age groups in God’s kingdom passionately hungering after the Lord, walking in their true identity, and ministering in love, unity, and in the power of the Holy Spirit!  


Michele and her husband Rob have been married since 1984 and they have two adult children, Aaron and Jessica.