You were created by the Creator to create!

ReThink Creativity Conference



God is always speaking to us, yet we may not always recognize that He is. He also desires to co-create with us to share His love with others in creative ways. Learn how to partner with the Holy Spirit while painting. No art experience is necessary. Just bring your art supplies— hear step-by-step instructions and enjoy a fun time with us!


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Prophetic Painting

03 August 2021

Workshop Speaker

Jan Tetsutani


Jan seldom became an artist. Instead, she is a painter, instructor/mentor, and pastor working in O'ahu, Hawaii.  Since 2014 she has been creating paintings of conversations with God expressed in coastal themes and abstract art found in homes worldwide. She is part of Four Seasons Resort O'ahu's curated artist program called FSWayfinders and has exhibited her work in Nagoya, Japan. Some of her clients include Timbers Resorts, Coastline Travels, Manoa Gallery, and Jeff Stone. Jan has been married to her husband David since 2000, and they reside in Kapolei.