You were created by the Creator to create!

ReThink Creativity Conference

Do you believe in the power of ‘Story’?  Are you a storyteller?  Have you ever dreamed of making movies for television or the big screen?  Would you want to entertain
God’s creativity is needed in so many areas when leading a school community and in leading classroom students from casting vision to creating culture to problem solving - and so
For you, publishing a book is not just about writing words on a page. It is your calling. You feel compelled by God to write. If you want to write
As a ministry leader, you know you must innovate. How do you find those areas of your ministry most ripe for disruptive change? In this session you will learn about
This workshop is designed to explore first how God can do deep work in us through the chaos and tumult of stormy life seasons and then learn the tactical elements
Are you in the Mental Health Field or desire to go into this area of bringing healing to lives? This workshop invites all counselors, therapists, social workers, and anyone who
Do you want to go to a new level in your creativity? In this workshop, you will learn about processing the pain in your life and how pain can become
- Activate creative power - Mastering your thoughts - Activate a mindset of success - Learn the science behind your giftedness and talents - Host His Presence - Success is
God is always speaking to us, yet we may not always recognize that He is. He also desires to co-create with us to share His love with others in creative
Come to this workshop to be inspired to build community in our own backyard and around the world! You will be encouraged to lean into the path God has for


10:30am - 12:00pm HST/3:30 - 5:00pm CST/4:30 - 6:00pm EST

Do you ever feel the desire to move when you worship? Do you ever feel like words and sounds are not enough to express what is in your heart? Have
God is not only calling the Church to reach cities, but in this season, He is anointing us to creatively build cities. In this workshop, you will receive biblically-based practical
Have you ever desired more clarity and confidence in hearing the Father's voice? Have you wrestled with knowing for sure that what you heard was from Him? If you are
Creativity isn’t just limited to the arts and music. It can also come in the form of innovative business ideas and strategies or in design thinking. Hear from a panel
In this workshop, you will hear many inspiring stories that will awaken fresh creativity for practical ways you can reach out to your neighbors, co-workers, and for your children to
Classroom teachers are valued Creatives! Teaching requires a tremendous amount of creativity and innovation to not only create and implement lessons, but in how to teach students with varied learning
This workshop will bring you through an experience to remove the negative or self destructive voice, embrace your wounds and clear the way for your creative voice to emerge. Based
Miracles can happen through what you create as you learn to co-create with God. In this workshop, you will hear testimonies of how people have been healed emotionally, physically, and
The message of Jesus Christ needs to be heard by everyone globally, which is possible if we consider online Evangelism. Efficient communication inside the community of believers may go beyond
God is able to heal a body supernaturally, but He often heals through medical care! This workshop is for everyone in the medical field such as doctors, nurses, paramedics, surgeons,


1pm - 2:30pm HST/6pm - 7:30pm CST/7pm - 8:30pm EST


There will be 20 workshops offered on Saturday, September 18, 2021! You can choose to attend one of 10 workshops before the mid-day break and choose one of 11 workshops after the mid-day break.

*All workshops will be recorded for you to re-watch after the conference.