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A Partnership involving  NASA and the 


2021 ReThink Attendees Will Make History!


We are  thrilled to invite you to an exclusive, out-of-this-world opportunity for you and your friends, family, and church! After you register for the ReThink Creativity Conference, you will receive a special email entitled:


ReThink Creativity: PRAY OVER THE EARTH


This email will give you instructions on how to submit your prayer and guidelines for this project! Don’t miss this! For the first time in history, through one of our plenary speakers Danny Kim, a creative idea with worldwide impact was birthed! Here is our invitation to this amazing opportunity:


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Due to Danny’s partnership with NASA, he created an opportunity for our attendees to submit written prayers or declarations for the world. These prayers will be uploaded to a video player on the International Space Station as it orbits the earth every 90 minutes! 


Think of it as prayer walking, except prayers will blanket the earth FROM SPACE! These will be written words displayed on a screen, and depending on the number of recipients we receive, it could continue for more than one complete orbit.

Imagine the spiritual impact this could have due to the power of prayer. May the Lord stir up a missional hearts for the people of the world!


Quest organization is sponsoring this project, so it is FREE for all ReThink Creativity attendees!



Guidelines for "Prayer Over the Earth" Submissions


1) Due to the technology involved, you are ONLY allowed 175 characters. One character is equivalent to one letter, one punctuation, or one space.For example, the phrase "bless the world" consists of 15 characters (not including the quotations).


You want to create short declarations or blessings. You could think of specific geographical areas, people groups, or places of interest and target them with a blessing as an idea.


For example: "Bless the people of Ecuador, in Jesus name!" uses 43 characters (not including the quotations).

The google form response has already been limited to 175 characters and should alert you when you go over the limit.


2) We reserve the right to shorten/edit prayers that exceed the defined limits of 175 characters. We will try our best to communicate changes with you, but if numerous prayers need shortening or editing, we may not be able to reach you in time, so please keep to the limit. Thank you! We appreciate your help!


3) Please communicate life and blessings. No cursing or negative condemnation towards people, geographical areas, or people groups are allowed. We reserve the right to delete prayers or declarations that exhibit any of these attributes. Therefore, please keep your prayers honorable.

  4) Spiritual warfare prayers and declarations are permitted as long as they are not directed towards people or groups. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12).


5) Take time to meditate on God’s Word and ask God for direction in your prayers or declarations. Co-create with God!


6) Be creative and invite other family members or church members to register so you can all focus on specific areas. This activity would also be a great family project or a small group project - one entry could be a group effort!


Deadline for prayer to be submitted to us: September 30, 2021

All participants will receive notice when the prayers will be released from space, and they will receive  the recording of all the prayers! 


Thank you for your contribution!